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Want high-quality tenants who appreciate the high-quality apartments you provide? Entrust the properties your family has worked so hard to accumulate to the good stewards at Adaptive Realty.

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When we started Adaptive as an investment firm in 2012, we looked around for a management organization we could trust to steward the buildings we intended to acquire.

We interviewed many local firms and found them lacking. One had only a very limited understanding of the rents achievable in the neighborhoods where we were investing. Another had a leasing agent whose weird behavior turned off prospective tenants. Another had financial controls so poor we worried about going to jail, if we trusted them with investor capital. And so on.

So, we started our own, with three buildings under management and one employee.

In the years since, we have grown from those three buildings to more than 125, all owned by long-term owners intent on getting the best out of their investments.

If that sounds like you, please get in touch.

Our Promise

We will steward your property with exactly the same level of care and attention we invest in our own.

Proven & Trusted

Our Apartment Management Services in Los Angeles


Have you ever browsed rental listings in Los Angeles and been surprised at how many units look like they’re listed by owners who don’t care whether they rent or not? We’re the opposite: Our listings get good staged pictures and ad copy written to appeal to high-quality tenants.


In a competitive rental market like Los Angeles, the most important skills for a leasing agent aren’t really skills at all: Just responding quickly to tenant inquiries and being willing to get off the couch to promptly show vacant units is more than half the battle. Our team of in-house leasing agents are compensated with commission, which means they’re always hustling to fill our units.

Rent Collection

Even in the depths of Covid, while the eviction moratorium was in effect, Adaptive collected something like 93% of the rent due from our tenants. Now, we’re back up to 99+%. That’s a testament to the quality of our tenants (seriously, we appreciate them very much!) and to our buttoned-up systems for collecting rent efficiently, on time.

Preventative Maintenance

The longer we have owned and managed real estate, the more we have come to appreciate the importance of preventative maintenance. It’s just far cheaper and easier to regularly hydrojet your sewer lines and clean your gutters than it is to deal with emergency back-ups and leaks. That’s why we create a detailed, specific preventative maintenance plan for every property we manage.


Fixing stuff that breaks is an unavoidable part of owning real estate. But we never want our management customers to question whether we’re making choices about repairs to benefit ourselves. So, we outsource all repair work to a group of trusted, long-term vendors (in which we hold no financial interest), negotiate prices using our pricing power, and pass along all costs to our owners with zero mark-up for us.

Accounting & Financial Control

We own a lot of real estate (~$200,000,000 worth) with investors to whom we are ethically and legally responsible. We have therefore built a finance organization that is considerably more buttoned-up than those of other property management companies our size. You can expect detailed financial reporting on the 15th of each month, with your distribution via automatic electronic transfer shortly thereafter. And you’ll have view-only access to your separate bank account, so you can check on the money we’re holding for you any time.

Ever since I moved in last August, Adaptive Realty has been one of the most professional property services I have ever worked with. This is largely due to my property manager, Matthew, who has totally blown my expectations away. Any time I have a concern, emergency, maintenance issue, or a simple question, Matthew responds with compassion and urgency to find a fix. He reflects on the company and our complex so well, and has made my experience beyond enjoyable and valuable. I also want to shoutout our gardener Ismael, who goes above and beyond to make our complex beautiful. He recently trimmed our property's trees so well and it totally elevated the space. Both these gents are rockstars, and adaptive!


Why Hire Us As Your Apartment Property Management Company in Los Angeles

We built Adaptive Realty from the beginning to be owner-friendly, with reasonable, transparent fees and month-to-month management contracts. Our customers can fire us any time, with 30 days notice and no cancellation fees.

If you hire us, we intend to keep earning your trust, month after month, for decades.

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